Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wings of Valor - NEW Update for iPod4 submitted

Again, We disappointed our iPod4 customers.
In the previous update, We made some improvements to reduce amount of memory usage to prevent iPod4 crash without loss of game quality and we thought that It worked.
But unfortunately, it was not enough. We agree. Most of our iPod4 users are playing the game but still we are receiving crash reports.
With a few graphic works and some code tricks, we could save more than 35% of memory to run the game.
Of course, there was a little loss of quality. But the 35% was not enough for upcoming updates. We tried our best but it turns out that it's too tough for iPod4.

So we made a hard decision to solve the problem.
For the Best performance and graphics, Wings of Valor will support Retina Display from iPhone4. And we have rolled back all images and effect stuffs to the best quality.

The new fix update(ver 1.0.2) is submitted to Apple today. We hope that this new update for iPod4 users could pass the Apple test as soon as possible. So, please wait for one more week.

This new update including some new features for version 1.1.
But we should fix the iPod4 crash first. So we open them with this fix update.

Thank you.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wings of Valor - iPod4 crash fixed

We fixed the crash happened only on iPod 4, and the patch is submitted.
We deeply apologize to all iPod4 users.

Wings of Valor - iPod4 crash problem

Most of our customers has no problem running Wings of Valor.
But unfortunately, we received a few reports about iPod4 Crash.
We are sorry about it.
The app passed the solid Apple Test, but we could make a mistake.
So we are working on it. We will fix it as soon as possible.

Thank you all customers.

Check out the review.

Check out the review on Wings of Valor,
written by Blake Patterson from Touch Arcade.


Monday, May 7, 2012

Wings of Valor

The first game from idea spoon.
The only retro game of the famous "Wings of Fury" by Steve Waldo for iOS.
5 stars rushes in US and other countries!!

App Store

Calorie Diet - The Slim

Free version of Calorie Diet with AD Banner.
App for Calorie management.
Only for Korean.

App Store

Calorie Diet - The Slim +1

The First App from idea spoon for Calorie management.
Only for Korean.

Now we have a BLOG!!

Now we have a blog here.

Thank you all customers.
News and updates info about our Apps will be posted.

Thank you.